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Please follow the guidelines found under 'For Sale'

WANTED:  0.590 lead round balls.  Appro 40.Contact Andrew at Click here

Wanted: Lyman 257420 mould. Please contact Pat F at Click here or 02102254588

​​​​​​​Wanted: Bayonet mount lug off a Snider or 58 Enfield Contact Tim   Click here 0211013213

​​​​​​​Wanted: 30/40 Krag brass Contact Alan Click here 072667677 

Wanted: Ruger 10/22 for a project. Prefer older model with metal trigger housing. Condition of stock unimportant.consider trading or part trade on my items in the for sale section. Contact Brian 02040826131

Wanted: Marlin/Ballard Any condition considered .22rim, 32-40 38-55 Contact click here or 0275866139 

Wanted: 310 Cadet brass, mould and dies.  Contact Pat F at Click here 02102254588

Wanted:22 Hornet brass .25 ACP mould (.251) Snider rifle (2-band or 3-band).  Mk III preferred.  Must have good bore, lock and shoe.  Contact Pat F at click here or 02102254588

Wanted: Quality flintlock rifle, prefer .50 or .54 cal. Contact Gary - Click here.  

​​​​​​​Wanted : Both the Front and Rear correct or  original style sights  for a Parker Hale “Volunteer” Rifle .Contact Rick  Click Here   or Mob.  Ph. 0272832998

Wanted:  Well used, any condition British style muzzle loading rifle of any manufacture, needs to have the 1853+ "Enfield"  lock or similar and be rifled to shoot slugs (i.e. not balls) ideally of 45 cal. Please contact me Click Here or call/txt 021516342

Wanted: I am looking for a couple of Right hand flintlocks,  a Jim Chambers  English Fowler lock, or  a L & R English style Queen Anne lock for early and fowlers.  Also a L & R Late English. Contact Details;    Click Here  0272514859

 ​​​​​​​Wanted: A sporting stock for a Lee Enfield just has to be tidy. 

Tim 0211013213  click here

*Wanted: .38 barrel suitable for a .38-55 on a 8 x 56 rolling block action.

Please contact Alan – click here (0921)

 >Wanted : Projectiles for  .54 Sharps Capping Breech Loader, preferably the original US civil War type, the pointed variety.Contact Cliff Joy: Click Here  073767333 Evenings

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​>Wanted : Parker Hale Pattern 1858 2 band rifle. Must be the: English made version not the later made European one and must be unmdified.Contact Jason Click Here

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​>Wanted: light green canvas tarpaulins and/or tent as were sold at the summer Mountain Man Event/Fort Irving/Ohinewai some years ago. Please contact David B 07 3482885 or click here(0904) 

​​​​​​​>  A  25/20 mold Peter Woodmancy 0224581911 ClicK Here    (26/4)

>Tony Hawken mould .45 cal small one (3 groove) or similar lyman. Contact Norm ph 09 4109023  nmkelly@xtra.co.nz.    (20/1)

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​'Muzzleloader' magazines pre 1991. Pls call David B 07 3482885 or email >click here.