The Rotorua Black Powder Club is for those interested in shooting firearms, both originals and replicas, from the black powder era (1400-1900).

The Club's monthly shoot is on the second Sunday of each month on it's Mead Road (off Tarawera Road) range.
Other shoots, theme or championship competitions, are also held on the range during the year (see Annual Shooting Programme).

The Club supports and encourages all ages and gender to handle and use firearms in a safe and responsible way.

Interested persons are welcome to contact the Club (see Contact box in the menu at the top left of the page) and arrangements will be made to introduce them to this most interesting and diverse sport of black powder shooting.

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24 May 2023 

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Monthly Committee meetings will, as a rule, be held at the range during the monthly club shoot - ALL members welcome. Please advise the Secretary of any matters you wish to have discussed before the Wednesday prior to the monthly club shoot day.


​​​​​​​>Thanks to the NZDA Rotorua Branch, Mead Road has being repaired and it is up to ALL users to help keep it in a good state. Please make the effort and keep your speed down to 25 kph. The time to the range at this speed is only 3 1/2 minutes and the annual maintanence levy for 2023 is $20 per member.

>A general reminder to everyone going to the range to fill in the range attendance book... it is kept on the bench beside the club house door. 'Signing in' is a requirement of our Range Standing Orders. All persons attending the range must sign the book every visit and pistol shooters must include their PNZ number. The attendance book is also very helpful for monitoring our security and for Covid-19 tracing requirements.

Interested in shooting rifle, shotgun or pistol with an historical slant? Interested in target shooting, hunting, history, collecting, reenactment? Interested in learning to shoot muzzle loaders and traditional black powder cartridge firearms? Then for more enjoyment and bangs for your buck... contact the Rotorua Black Powder Club, a family supportive club of responsible historic firearm users.

*Thanks to the big efforts of Rob A and Gavin I on chainsaws and helpers Ray A, David B, Peter H, Stephen J and Laurie K the road that leads to our club house has now been cleared of most of the fallen tree debris and our ranges are now open again. Members should still drive with care in case there are further tree falls.

>​​​​​Members holding B Cat (pistol) firearm licences who plan on purchasing more pistols are no longer required to get a LE-2/1 (Pinky) form from the Club Armorer, you can just complete the Application for a Permit to Possess a Pistol etc form FMR67A found online at: Click here . If likely to be applicable, pls save this link to your own files.

>Thanks to Schuetzenmeister Robert B, arrangements are proceeding very well for our mid winter SCHUETZENFEST. The information flyer has been posted and everyone can now register their entry online... see under SCHUETZENFEST at the top of this page. RBPC Members are reminded to encourage other bp shooters to register and attend this great fun day.


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